Holy Cross Senior Secondary School, Byron Bazar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh Holy Cross Senior Secondary School, Byron Bazar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

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“Success is not out there some place, you can reach with a ladder; rather it is a part of your life and you will find it at every step of the ladder of life and which all of us have to slowly climb.”

Holy Cross School, Byron Bazar is right in believing and following the truth of the above lines. Holy Cross Senior Secondary School, Byron Bazar started by Pallottine Fathers and Brothers in 1956, has successfully completed 56 glorious Years. Since then the school grew stronger and stronger not only in number but also in trust and determination. With a history of 56 years in the field of education, we feel proud and rejuvenated by the love and support of the city and its people. It is anonymously said, “Footprints on the sand of time are not made by sitting down.” So the journey that started five decades back always moved on toes, year after year; leaving behind its footprints of achievement and distinctions.   


I reckon that the school has excelled in every sphere from academic to sports and co-curricular activities. Academically speaking, focus was placed on both scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas.

To pace up with the growing strength of the school and time, the school has planned to reconstruct a part of its building and provide better facilities for education and learning through EDUCOMP with the intention of upgrading education technology to ensure better presentation of knowledge and academic performance.

Our students are excelling not only in studies but also in social and community services. The Scouts-Guides students visited various places during the academic year, gave their services and won Governor’s Award for their best performance in the field.

Our sports starts also brought great laurels for the school by winning trophies in football, basketball, cricket and the overall championship as well.

A trail of development has marked the significant changes that have taken place over the years in shaping up the school to its present status. So let us keep this trend ongoing and join hands to build a better future for our children. “The good grows and spreads giving joy to all.” May the good in us grow and spread the joy around with love and God’s blessings.


Fr. Dr. Joseph Karl Lakra




Periodic Test-II for classes 6th To 8th,9th & 11th begins From 10th Dec 2019


Pre-Board Practicals of Class XII begins from 14th Dec 2019


Periodic Test III for class X begins from 4th Jan 2020 Click for TimeTable


Pre-Board Exam for Class XII begins from 3rd Jan 2020 Click here for timetable


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